After much consideration, I am putting the current content of this blog to rest.  Instead I will use this blog to show how I make the items in my Etsy store.

However, the good intentions that originally brought this blog to being is not completely lost.  I will be focusing my attention on another blog of mine that highlights another, more weird side of myself, all the while encouraging others to not only be themselves but go after their dreams.

It won’t highlight how I plan to ‘make it’ on Etsy, but instead how I I ‘make it’ in other aspects, for what applies in one area of life normally applies in most other areas as well, such as positive thinking.

There’s too little to write about Etsy business-wise and it’s not always the most fun, so I’m shifting a bit.  All blog posts will be replaced with other’s soon.

As for my promise, I’ll invite you all to take a look at my new blog when it is more put together.  It will be an art project of sorts.